((Welcome! This is the adventure blog for the AU I, mod Lucifendi, posted about:

A Mystery Room AU in which Al is launched into a second world, similar to the idea of PL vs AA. The world has a medieval feel, yet has weapons more akin to revolvers and alchemy/spellcasting. In this strange new reality, he finds out that there is a powerful duo, the Makepeace Family, working beneath the law as skilled assassins, though he learns this by a dangerous encounter with one of the two. While this ensues, he is pulled from the fray by a young ex member of the royal guard, calling herself Ace Gunslinger Lucy Baker. She brings Al back to her group’s hideout to patch up his injuries and introduce him to the rest of her group of freelance fighters. Still in a little shock, he meets the group’s alchemist, Florence Sich, a young woman who, despite being blind, is one of the most talented alchemists in the kingdom. A young man by the name of Dustin Scowers acts as both Florence’s apprentice and the group’s page, completing tasks such as food shopping and cleaning. More often than not, he’ll stay the night in their hideout, with the conditions being much better than those of his own home. The group entrusts the job of gathering information about the Makepeace Family to Hague, an amateur spy in training to join the kingdom’s militia. In the corner of the room sits a well-built man, a blacksmith called Justin Lawson. He barely greets Al with more than a sentence, wary that he could be working for Makepeace. Finally, Lucy pulls Al aside and tells him about the last member of their group, a royal by the name of Lady Pertinax. She warns him not to speak too much of her outside of the group, for there could be danger in knowing that a royal is in support of a renegade band of fighters. She also tells the group about the way he stood up to Makepeace, and they offer for him to join their group. Al declines, but tells them all that he knows about where he came from, in hopes that they will be able to help him in some way. Florence speaks up, agreeing to help him as best as she can, only on the condition that he helps their group while she works on a way to get him home. Without anyone else to turn to, he reluctantly agrees, joining up with these strangely familiar people to take down the Makepeace Family.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get this adventure started!))


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